• Some teaching material (data science, machine learning, information visualizations) is available as jupyter notebook on Github
  • Introductory Machine Learning Videos by Madis Lemsalu, a former student, can be found on youtube

Lecture Slides and Material

Some slide sets use animations in Latex beamer. The produced PDF is unfortuantely not correctly readable with all PDF viewers. I recommend to use Adobe PDF viewer.

Topic Lecture Slides Additional Material
Organisation (DE)
Introduction (DE)
    How Wolves Saved Yellowstone
    Daisy World by NASA
Fractals (DE) Animated Koch curve
Cantor Set in 3 dimensions
Julia Set - Animated over c in the interval -2.0 + i*0.0 to 2.0 + i*0.0
The Julia Sets: How it works, and why
3D Animation, Fractal Landscapes
3D Fractal Trip - Weird Planet - YouTube
Cellular Automatons (DE) Wolfram Alpha, Wolfram's Universe, Rule 200
Wator World Simulation
Self-organising Systems (DE) TED Talk - Inside the ant colony - Deborah M. Gordon
Visualization of Ants Algorithm
IEEE Spectrum - The Ant Internet
Graphs and Networks (DE)
Evolutionary Algorithms (DE) TEDxTrondheim - Evolutionary computation - Keith Downing
Game Theory (DE) Why do competitors open their stores next to one another? - Jac de Haan
TEDxRheinMainSalon - Datenspiele: Big Data und Spieltheorie - Christian Rieck (DE)
Neural Networks (EN) Clarifai
Handwriting Generator with Deep Neural Networks
Robot control with DNNs
What is so special about the human brain? - Suzana Herculano-Houzel
Neuron Action Potential Animation
Animation for Neural Network Intuition
Deep Learning Simplified -Vanishing Gradients
Deep Learning Simplfied - Recurrent Neural Networks
Deep Learning Simplified -Autoencoders

Search User Interfaces (Summer Term 2016, TU Dresden)

SUI Flyer

Lecture: Monday, 11:10 - 12:40, APB/E009

Tutorial: Wednesday, 14:50 - 16:20, APB/E009

See Recommended Readings

Lecture Slides

These are the same slides as linked below. The only difference is that there is one PDF file for each lecture topic. Access restricted by password.
  • Introduction
  • Information Retrieval
  • Human Search
  • (S)UI Evaluation
  • Result Visualization
  • Advanced Topics - Integrated SUI


  • part-sui-human-search.pdf, slide 9 (Model by Marchionini and White): Arrow between Reformulate and Use should be removed
  • part-sui-presentation.pdf, slide 34 (data types): numerical attributes are quantitative not qualitative

Lecture Schedule

Week Date Topics Note
KW 14 04.04.2016 Overview Search User Interfaces = <U,Q,R>
Lecture Slides (restricted access)
Short video on how Google search works
KW 15 11.04.2016 Information Retrieval
Lecture Slides (restricted access)
Short video on how search works (from Google)
KW 16 18.04.2016 Information Retrieval
Document Representation
Lecture Slides (restricted access)
KW 17 25.04.2016 Information Retrieval
Document-Query Similarity
Lecture Slides (restricted access, updated 2016-04-28, added one slide on "PageRank -- Remarks")
KW 19 09.05.2016 Information Retrieval
Query Languages
Lecture Slides (restricted access)
KW 20 16.05.2016 No lecture (Public Holiday)
KW 21 23.05.2016 Human Search
Information Seeking Models
Behavior Patterns
Log Analysis
Lecture Slides (restricted access)
Stages-of-Action-Model explanation by Don Norman
KW 22 30.05.2016 Entfällt wegen Krankheit
KW 23 06.06.2016 User Interfaces
Design Guidelines
Lecture Slides (restricted access)
KW 24 13.06.2016 User Interfaces
HCI Models
Evaluation of (S)UIs
Guest Lecture by Marion Koelle, Media Informatics and Multimedia Systems Group, University of Oldenburg
Lecture Slides (restricted access)
KW 25 20.06.2016 User Interfaces
Single Document Visualizations
Lecture Slides (restricted access)
KW 26 27.06.2016 User Interfaces
Document Set Visualizations
Lecture Slides (restricted access)
Document Cards Demo
Future Reading: TextTiling Algorithm used in TileBars visualization
KW 27 04.07.2016 Example Integrated SUI
Automatic Queries
Federated Search
Lecture Slides (restricted access)
Chrome Extension in Webstore
KW 27 11.07.2016 Repetition and Closing

Tutorial Schedule

Week Date Topics Note
KW 14 06.04.2016
KW 15 13.04.2016 Information Retrieval
Exercise Task Sheet (restricted access)
Sample Solution (restricted access)
KW 16 20.04.2016 Information Retrieval
Exercise Task Sheet (restricted access)
Sample news article Sample tweet
Sample Solution (restricted access)
KW 17 27.04.2016 Information Retrieval
Exercise Task Sheet (restricted access)
Sample Solution (restricted access, updated on 07/14/16 )
KW 18 04.05.2016 Information Retrieval
Exercise Task Sheet (restricted access)
Lucene Overview (restricted access)
Pre-processed Wikipedia Entries (restricted access)
KW 19 11.05.2016 Information Retrieval
Hausübung Relevance Feedback
Exercise Task Sheet (restricted access)
Reading Material
Sample Solution (restricted access)
KW 20 18.05.2016 No tutorial (Public Holiday)
KW 21 25.05.2016 Entfällt wegen Krankheit
KW 22 01.06.2016 No tutorial (Dies Academicus)
KW 23 08.06.2016 Human Search Exercise Task Sheet (restricted access)
Sample Solution (restricted access)
KW 24 15.06.2016 User Interfaces Evaluation Exercise Task Sheet (restricted access)
Sample Solution (restricted access)
KW 25 22.06.2016 User Interface Evaluation Exercise Task Sheet (restricted access)
Google Docs Evaluation Document
KW 26 29.06.2016 Test Examination Documents will be provided as paper version at the beginning of the exercise
KW 27 06.07.2016 User Interfaces Exercise Task Sheet (restricted access)
Krishna Bharat. “SearchPad: Explicit Capture of Search Context to Support Web Search”. In: Comput. Netw. 33.1-6 (June 2000), pp. 493–501. issn: 1389-1286. doi: 10.1016/S1389-1286(00)00047-5. url: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/S1389- 1286(00)00047-5 (restricted access)
Paul M. Fitts. “The information capacity of the human motor system in controlling the amplitude of movement.” In: Journal of Experimental Psychology 47 (1954). Reprinted in Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 121(3):262–269, 1992, pp. 381–391 (restricted access)
Mary Purugganan, PhD, and Jan Hewitt, PhD. "How to Read a Scientific Article". Cain Project in Engineering and Professional Communication, Rice University, 200 (restricted access)
KW 27 13.07.2016 Repetition
This will be a Q&A session, so please prepare your questions.

Recommended Literature

  • Christopher D. Manning, Prabhakar Raghavan, and Hinrich Schütze. Introduction to Information Retrieval. New York, NY, USA: Cambridge University Press, 2008. ISBN: 0521865719, 9780521865715, http://nlp.stanford.edu/IR-book/
  • Marti A. Hearst. Search User Interfaces. 1st. NewYork, NY, USA: Cambridge University Press, 2009. ISBN: 0521113792, 9780521113793. URL: http://searchuserinterfaces.com/book/
  • Peter Morville and Jeffery Callender. SearchPatterns. O’Reilly Media, 2010 URL: http://searchpatterns.org